Floral Designs 4

Amalgamation of small flower bouquets beautifully placed in a white landscape is the best way to enjoy the designing this product. Available in innumerable colors and different sizes of the bouquet, this floral print design on fabric is amongst the must-haves in the classic floral collection. If you are looking for subtle designs and a stylish decor, this is the right choice for you. This pattern is highly recommended for curtains in sheer fabrics and sliding curtains style.

This Digital Floral printing fabric can be used for : Curtains, cushion covers, Sofa set, Bedsheets

Materials Available
100% Polyester formats like- knits, sheer and heavy weights and spun -polyesters, velvet
Floral Fabric Printing
Design Reference Code
HDS 131

**Available in infinite colors, basis the requirement of the design**

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